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In 2009, The Perfect Smile™ was established with one, and only one, mission clearly in mind - deliver exceptional dental hygiene and teeth whitening services, at an affordable price, to a community of patients where care, attentiveness, respectfulness and quality craftsmanship are truly valued. Thankfully, my journey has blessed me with all of this and more.

Exceptional service delivery starts with superior craftsmanship. When you treat your profession as a craft, you study and work with the best, research continuously, apply new methods and techniques, share with others, leverage your talents, and help create a new generation of superior quality dental hygienists.

Exceptional service delivery means being available to meet patients when it is convenient for the patient – not the professional. The Perfect Smile's™ hours are flexible and convenient, including evenings and weekends. We book patients 1.5 hours apart so there is no waiting – you are seen as soon as you walk in.

The Retirement Residence community benefits from our exceptional and accommodating mobile service delivery. Who said house calls are a thing of the past!

The Perfect Smile™ experience starts the moment you contact us. We answer all your questions, provide details about treatments, confirm insurance processing, schedule the appointment, and email you the simplified New Patient forms to be completed at your convenience. And yes, all consultations are free!

The moment you enter the clinic, you instantly sense that this is not going to be your traditional dental visit. Lots of free parking paves the way to soothing music, tranquility, absence of strangers – an environment carefully designed to eliminate the stress that creeps into our daily lives.

Preventative oral hygiene services include comprehensive oral assessment, teeth cleaning, desensitization, fluoride treatment and sealant application. To read more.

Cosmetic options include professional teeth whitening and polishing. To read more.

A comprehensive teeth cleaning can take anywhere from 1:05 to 1:15 minutes to complete. In today’s more traditional office, hygienists can be working to a schedule of less than 45 minutes per cleaning. The implications on service delivery should be evident when someone is working under these conditions!

The Perfect Smile™ team, Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) accredited by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario, are pleased to be leaders in providing the community extensive, thorough, and cost-effective access to dental hygiene and teeth whitening services. To learn more about Rosemary - the founder and lead practitioner, please click here

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Exceptional patient support means having a team of dentists, specialists, and denturists to provide additional support and services when required. The Perfect Smile's™ support team is the best in the business!

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful patients! And many have taken a few moments to write about their experiences with The Perfect Smile™.

Rosemary is a very affable and professional dental hygienist. From my very first visit at her office I knew that she was both very knowledgeable and competent but also someone who is dynamically interested in her client. She has a good sense of humor and engages extremely well socially with her client while maintaining a very disciplined approach to the work that needs to be done. She is also a person whose advice is to be well trusted. She knows her business and her clients very well. Definitely a gold star for Rosemary and The Perfect Smile. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative”. Rick Lavigor (on Linked In)

To read more comments, please click here.

Exceptional customer service is not about the money. Like all dental professionals, The Perfect Smile is free to set prices. That said, we have chosen to price in accordance with the Ontario & Canadian Dental Hygienist Association Fee Guides. No additional mark-ups, no hidden or extra fees… only fair pricing - anywhere from 10 – 40 % less (our research) than similar services elsewhere.

Quality service and affordable pricing - The Perfect Smile™ Formula for Success!

If you are still wondering why our patients think we are the best, call us! Or better still, try The Perfect Smile and experience the difference for yourself!

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