I would like to take a moment to thank those individuals who have taken the time to comment on the services. Your support is truly appreciated.

”Thank you for making Olivia's first experience so positive. She was so excited and happy. She used the floss by herself which was so cute and so proud she has an adult brush. She even slept with the bag she got!! Thank you very much.”
Mandy Jodoin

”Rosemary demonstrates committed passion as she brings the best to her clients in every interaction. I have consistently enjoyed a relaxing, positive atmosphere and predictable excellence. I would highly recommend Rosemary to anyone!”
Laura Swetz (white coat syndrome)

”Thank you Rosemary! You clearly have a rare touch to elicit such co-operation from my mum. Thank you so much for your care and consideration.”
Maryisa Bucholc

”…I do want to thank you for taking such good care of my Mom. She never complained after your visits or when I mentioned to her that it was time for her cleaning! It meant a lot to me, thank you very much.”
Gini Bethell

”I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.Your professionalism, your competence, you sense of humor and yes, even your perfectionism are all traits that I admire greatly.”
Colette Letourneau

”Thank you again for today Rosemary. I can’t wait to share with my friend that I now consider getting my teeth cleaned as therapeutic!”
Andrew Ross

”Thank out for your gentle touch with my mom. I appreciate the care and action that you take in preventing gum disease and your referral to the mobile dentist.”
Sand Stiles

”I can’t thank you enough for cleaning Gerry’s teeth on Wed – it was such a relief for me not to have to get him downtown to our long-time dentist friend. Thank you also for helping me get him up and into your dental chair … thank you so much and I was so relieved to know that there is also follow up dentistry. Much appreciated.”
Betty Shofield

”Pat’s teeth are looking sooooo much better after the whitening! We are both super happy with the results! Thanks so much!”
Barb Symaniuk and Patrick McMullan

”Thank you for doing such an awesome job... I never thought (in my wildest dreams) that getting my teeth cleaned could be so pleasant.”
Colette Letourneau

”Rosemary is a very affable and professional dental hygienist. From my very first visit at her office I knew that she was both very knowledgeable and competent but also someone who is dynamically interested in her client. She has a good sense of humor and engages extremely well socially with her client while maintaining a very disciplined approach to the work that needs to be done. She is also a person whose advice is to be well trusted. She knows her business and her clients very well. Definitely a gold star for Rosemary and the Perfect Smile. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative”
Rick Lavigor (Linked In)

”I was very pleased with the services provided by The Perfect Smile! Rosemary is a very personable and knowledgeable person. It was a very relaxing experience in a professional environment. And best of all, I now have a pearly white smile! Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value”
Nadya-Lee Ringuette (Linked In)

”… thanks for your patience and understanding with my Mom. My wife says you do a great job dealing with this new side of her character that has been a product of both her age and mild dementia. Her ways are so far from where she once's sad, at times....and I am always appreciative of those who understand that and can see beyond it. Thanks again.”
Greg Fox

”Just finished my visit with Jennifer at Viv Chandler's office and wanted to send you a quick note to say Thank You!! ever so much for the referral. …I couldn't stop shaking everyone's hands - I was SO happy to have found a great firm to continue my treatment! Up until your visit, and referral, I thought I was SOL for my dental care. I am a VERY happy girl and I look forward to our next appointment so I can show you all the good work that Jennifer has done. Until next time, you take care!”
Susan Ward

”I just watched your videos and they are fantastic!! You are so professional and knowledgeable and I like that you walk people through your process. VERY well done!!”
Nicole Latendresse

”Thank you very much for the great service and the gift was a real bonus and I promise to use it...I like the spin action on this one:) …You give a lot of time to a client and that is much appreciated remember to save some for you, and I say that as I know being a giver we sometimes forget to give to ourselves. Thank you again :)”
Buffy Lee Code

”I recently traveled to Ottawa to have my teeth whitened by Ms. Vaillant I was immediately impressed with the professional, friendly and caring service. I thoroughly enjoyed the spa-like environment and would highly recommend The Perfect Smile.”
Denise Justinich

”I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service you gave me a short time ago. Not only did you do a great job in cleaning and whitening my teeth, you were very attentive to my comfort throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to my next appointment.”
Denise Robillard

”We loved the service we received last time and it was great for our wedding day. Thanks very much.”
Shannon & Pierre Tessier Richardson

”Thanks for my perfect smile and perfect company.”
Lori Meyers

”Thank you for the exceptional care you gave me today. You are awesome!!”
Lisa Larter

”Thanks so much for taking such good care of my childrens' teeth and seeing to their needs, and beyond! We had a very enjoyable visit and that's the whole point when you go to the dentist.”
Amie Chant

”I just want to say THANK YOU so much once again, you are so nice and gentle, I will be passing the word around.”
Joanne Brown

”I want to let you know that my teeth look amazing! You did a fabulous job and I'll recommend you to anyone who asks.”
Debbie Pinder

”Thank you for helping my mother last week, and for notifying me about her next appointment.”
Alice McKay

”I am smiling much more brightly. Thank you. ”
Joan Winter Lavigne

”We did receive feedback from the women and a couple of the kids saying that they appreciated the service coming “here” and that they were able to participate because going to the dentist is actually a “Luxury” that not all of the families can afford. The women also explained that you were both very nice to everyone too. So thank you from the women, thank you from the children and thank you from the staff for assisting our residents in much needed health care tools.”
Trysh Smith Children's Program Coordinator

”I have always dreaded going to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned even though I have worked in the field for 30 years. My last cleaning with Rosemary was very positive experience. She was extremely gentle and went over everything with me before starting. It will be nice to look forward to not dreading my next cleaning.”
Ry Tal

”I have been a patient of Rosemary for more than 10 years and was delighted to hear that she had started her own Dental Hygiene Practice...The Perfect Smile. Rosemary has always provided high-quality, knowledgeable hygienist services with a pleasant touch and cost-effective results. I'm looking forward to continuing to be a Perfect Smile patient for many years to come.”
Clive Cadman

”Rosemary Vaillant's dental hygiene expertise here, right on the premises, plays a tremendous role in my health and comfort, as I am sure it does to many other elderly people living in retirement residences in and around Ottawa.”
Rosaleen Dickson

"Thanks again for your usual tender care last week. It's such a pleasure to go for my 6 monthly cleanings. I can remember having to get myself psychologically prepped prior to this routine procedure. Certainly, I was not anticipating the gentle and competent care I received, with the odd joke thrown in! See you again in 6 months.
Jan Demiel

"Congratulations on starting The Perfect Smile. I continue to be very impressed with the professional and competent dental hygiene services I receive from Rosemary. Keep up the good work!"
Grace Cauley

I have always dreaded going to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned even though I have worked in the field for 30 years. My last cleaning with Rosemary was a very positive experience. She was extremely gentle and went over everything with me before starting. It will be nice to look forward to not dreading my next cleaning.
Michelle Wahab

I was worried that my teeth would be sensitive throughout the whitening procedure. After a full assessment, Rosemary assured me that everything would be okay. I was very happy with her gentle touch and neither my teeth nor gums became sensitive.
Noreen Pigozzo

Having a spouse who works in the dental field has given me the dubious opportunity to have my teeth cleaned by a variety of hygienists and Rosemary was not only professional and gentle, she was also the only hygienist, that I have seen who uses warm water when spraying or rinsing my teeth. As someone with sensitive teeth, I found this to make the appointment much more bearable and will not be so hesitant to go for another cleaning. Thanks for the warm rinse.
Will Wahab